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"For in the end we only conserve those things we love,
We only love what we understand, and we only understand
what we are taught."— Baba Dioum, environmentalist
Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful among all art forms and traditions. For thousands of years storytellers have ensured that the wisdom, strength, and values of diverse cultures are passed down to new generations.   The Phoenix Storytelling Tipi Tellers happily continues in that tradition - the ancient, timeless art of storytelling.

Won't you come and join us!

Come in and explore our website to see some places we've been, and some places we'll be going to. We have eco stories you can download and enjoy (pdf)*, and we have a host of programs to accommodate any school curriculum. Programs that children of any age can learn from and enjoy. Tipi Tellers The Phoenix Storytelling Tipi is a repository of stories that are sensitive to preserving our environment, and sustaining the fragile balance between people and the world that they live in. (Read our Philosophy)

And we always bring our tipi for the kids. Take a look at our image galleries under "Looking Back" and see how the tipi works as a project for students to help construct, then sit under and hear the stories we love to tell. It's magical.

*You can download "Eco Stories" as a Word document. (click here)
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